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Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-Learning (SW-EL)

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Welcome to the SW-EL'04 @ ISWC'04 Workshop Session web site.

Topics of interest, listed below, are approached from different perspectives: theoretical, systems engineering, application, case study and system evaluation, etc.
  • Using ontologies and/or semantic web technologies within e-learning applications (to achieve interoperability between educational applications, sharable user models and knowledge components, etc.).
  • Ontology engineering and knowledge representation in WBES.
  • Using ontologies and/or semantic web technologies to support authoring of WBES.
  • Using semantic web technologies to achieve better personalization and adaptation in WBES (i.e. modularised and standardized architectures, separation of domain models and application models, flexible user models).
  • Using semantic web services for the purposes of e-learning (i.e. e-learning services, user modelling service, WBES authoring service). 
  • Web standards issues for WBES (what should be included, e.g. formal languages, rules, metadata, educational modelling languages).
  • Exploring possible combinations of existing semantic web and/or educational standards and mappings between them.
  • Moving educational standards such as LOM and SCORM closer to the semantic web. 
  • Role of RDF, OWL or TML as a basis for educational metadata specification languages.
  • Real-world systems, case studies and empirical research for WBES.
  • Semantic web-based AH courseware architectures.