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Advanced Process Mining techniques in Practice (several Master projects with ProcessGold)

ProcessGold is a software supplier bringing together Process Mining and Business Intelligence, driven by highly skilled ICT entrepreneurs and backed by a wealth of experience. ProcessGold recently released a new Process Mining platform, the ProcessGold Enterprise Platform, that combines data extraction, process mining techniques, and visual analytics in order to produce dynamic visual reports which are easy to monitor and analyze for process stakeholders. These reports form the basis for deeper, fact-driven analysis and continuous process improvement projects.

In this context, ProcessGold is constantly offering graduation internships for investigating new techniques and methodologies in Process Mining and their application in a business context. A few example topics are given below - the specific graduation project and scope and will be further developed in mutual agreement.

Possible Graduation Project Topics

In all projects, the intern should be able work out the problem definition (in collaboration with ProcessGold and the supervisor), come up with a conceptual solution, and where applicable realize the solution in a proof-of-concept (in collaboration with ProcessGold).


For more information, please contact Dr. Dirk Fahland