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Courses 2015 - 2016

Code Old codes Name Quartile Oase OwInfo
2IHI10 2IIC7 Business information systems A1 B3 Oase OwInfo
2IIC0 Business information systems A1 B3 Oase OwInfo
2IIE0 2IIF0 Business process intelligence B3 Oase OwInfo
2IMC92 2IM33 Kick-off meeting master BIS A1 Oase OwInfo
2IMC93 Kick-off meeting master EIT data science A1 Oase OwInfo
2IMI00 Seminar architecture of information systems A2 Oase OwInfo
2IMI05 2II99 Capita selecta architecture of information systems Oase OwInfo
2IMI10 2II55 Business process management systems B3 Oase OwInfo
2IMI15 2II65 Metamodeling and interoperability A1 Oase OwInfo
2IMI20 2II66 Advanced process mining B4 Oase OwInfo
2IMI25 Constraint programming A1 Oase OwInfo
2IMI30 2II75 Business process simulation B3 Oase OwInfo
2IMI35 Introduction to process mining A1 Oase OwInfo
2IOC0 DBL information systems B4 Oase OwInfo