2IMI10 Business Process Management Systems

This page provides information about the software and tools used in Business Process Management Systems, and specifically the group assignment. The group assignment, lecture material, and exercises can be found on OASE.

Software used in the assignment

  • The YAWL system (modeller and execution engine) is used to study the principles of BPMS systems. You will use YAWL to model processes and create a running BPMS. YAWL can be downloaded from http://www.yawlfoundation.org/. For the purpose of this course, use YAWL 3.0.1
  • ProM 6 will be used for analysis purposes (e.g., verification, state-space analysis, etc.) and can be downloaded via http://www.promtools.org/prom6/. For the purpose of this course, use ProM 6.5.1.
  • As part of the assignment, you will work with the Bizagi Process Modeler to create and simulate process models. Download for free from http://www.bizagi.com/index.php/en/products/bizagi-process-modeler

Software useful/shown in the course

  • WoPeD (http://woped.org/) is a light-weight process modeling tools for creating YAWL models as well as Petri nets (in PNML format). Its built-in feature for “animated execution” is useful to test the behavior of a YAWL model outside of the engine. Also, it will be a useful tool for creating Petri nets models for verification
  • The open-source process engine Camunda (http://www.camunda.org) will be used and demonstrated throughout the lectures. You can install the engine and the accompanying modeling tools with ease and for free to explore more advanced concepts of Business Process Management Systems.
  • Bizagi Studio will be shown in the lectures. You can explore the features of a full BPM system using existing templates. Bizagi BPM Studio can be downloaded and installed http://www.bizagi.com/en/products/bpm-suite/studio#downloadstudio for free for the purposes of this course.
  • The Signavio process modeler can be used to create process models in various languages including Petri nets, BPMN, EPCs and many more. The modeler runs in a browser and can be used for free under an academic license (http://www.signavio.com/bpm-academic-initiative/). Created models can be exported and loaded into Bizagi modeler or ProM (though no guarantee for full export compatibility).
  • Yasper (http://www.yasper.org) and CPN Tools (http://www.cpntools.org/) can also be used for process modeling.

Help on tools

Below are some further hints on using the tools and links to further resources.