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 ====== Master Projects ====== ====== Master Projects ======
 +{{ :​images:​image422.png?​direct|}}
 +Are you looking for a Master’s thesis topic that
 +  * solves a challenging real-world problem, ​
 +  * allows you to become a specialist in the area of processes and information systems, ​
 +  * gives you cutting-edge knowledge to solve today’s problems regarding processes and their use in all kinds of organizations and companies? ​
 +The AIS group offers you thesis topics and supervision in a group
 +  * that has invented and developed cutting edge technologies that were applied in over 100 different companies and is now being used in various industrial tools, ​
 +  * that has set and contributed to various standards in the area of process-aware information systems, ​
 +  * that actively cooperates with many large companies in the area of process-aware information systems in the Netherlands and worldwide, as well as with universities and researchers from all over the world (we are currently running 17 projects with different partners), ​
 +  * that received [[:​news:​assessment_of_research_quality|a perfect score in the 2012 evaluation of Computer Science groups]] in the Netherlands,​
 +  * that gives you clear and regular guidance through the challenges of a Master’s thesis project with the freedom to develop your own ideas, and
 +  * that after all is fun and supportive to work with.
 +===== Possible assignments =====
 ===== Procedure for Master Projects =====  ===== Procedure for Master Projects ===== 
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 {{page>:​education:​projects:​examples&​firstseconly&​noheader}} {{page>:​education:​projects:​examples&​firstseconly&​noheader}}
-===== Documents ===== 
-| {{ :​images:​masterprojects2015.png?​direct&​100 |}} | {{:​documents:​masterprojects2015.pdf|Download as PDF}} | 
-===== Possible assignments ===== 
-See also the [[.:​projects:​completed|overview of completed master projects]]. 
 ===== Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in the field of Big Data Management and Analytics ===== ===== Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in the field of Big Data Management and Analytics =====