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-====== Information ======+====== Information ​on research ​======
-The Architecture of Information Systems (AIS) research group investigates+The research group distinguishes itself in the Information Systems discipline by its fundamental focus on 
-  * methods+  * modelling,  
-  * techniques, and +  * understanding,​  
-  * tools+  * analyzing, and  
 +  * improving ​
-for the design of architectures for complex information systems based on requirements or (a description of) an existing systemAn architecture is a collection of modelsthat are described in such way that properties ​of these models (and thus the systems) can be formally analyzed. The research concentrates on formalisms for modeling and methods to analyze models.+processesEssentiallyevery time two or more activities ​are performed to reach certain goal, fundamental principles ​of processes apply
-Modeling ​processes ​is one main focususing theory from Petri nets and process algebra. Another main focus is on Web-based information systemsspecially the architecture for the processes of exchanging ​data through the Web. Always the problems of tomorrow'​s practice ​are the moving spirit behind the development of new theorymethods and tools.+The research in the our group continues to expand outward from a “classical” situation of data with clear case notions in the context of explicitly structured ​processes ​to a broadmulti-faceted fieldwhere processes ​are less structured or consist ​of many interacting artifacts and where case notions in data become more fluid or are complexmulti-dimensional networks.
-The AIS group is headed by [[http://wwwis.win.tue.nl/​~wvdaalst/​|Prof.dr.ir. ​W.M.P. van der Aalst]]. +The AIS group is headed by [[:organization:​staff:​b.f.v.dongen|dr.ir. ​B.F. van Dongen]].
- +
-===== Links ===== +
- +
-  * [[research:​assessment2010|Assessment of Research Quality]] +
-  * [[research:​iofeb2011|Eindelijk correcte procesmodellen]]+