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   * [[:​organization:​staff:​w.m.p.v.d.aalst|Wil van der Aalst]]   * [[:​organization:​staff:​w.m.p.v.d.aalst|Wil van der Aalst]]
   * [[:​organization:​staff:​d.fahland|Dirk Fahland]] (project coordinator TU/e)   * [[:​organization:​staff:​d.fahland|Dirk Fahland]] (project coordinator TU/e)
-  * [[:​organization:​staff:​h.f.bernard|Hilda Fabiola Bernard]] (former ​PhD student)+  * <del>[[:​organization:​staff:​h.f.bernard|Hilda Fabiola Bernard]] (PhD student)</​del>​
   * [[:​organization:​staff:​v.denisov|Vadim Denisov]] (PhD student)   * [[:​organization:​staff:​v.denisov|Vadim Denisov]] (PhD student)