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 ====== Tools ====== ====== Tools ======
-===== CPN Tools =====+{{page>​tools:​oss}}
-Coloured Petri Net Tools +{{page>​tools:prom}}
-{{ :images:​cpntools_logo.png?​direct&​100|}}+
-==== Description ====+{{page>​tools:​cpn_tools}} 
-CPN Tools is a tool for editing, simulating, and analyzing Colored Petri nets. 
-The tool features incremental syntax checking and code generation, which take place while a net is being constructed. A fast simulator efficiently handles untimed and timed nets. Full and partial state spaces can be generated and analyzed, and a standard state space report contains information,​ such as boundedness properties and liveness properties. 
-==== Links ==== 
-  * [[http://​cpntools.org/​|CPN Tools]] (includes downloads) 
-===== ProM ===== 
-===== YAWL =====