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CPN Tools

Coloured Petri Net Tools


CPN Tools is a tool for editing, simulating, and analyzing Colored Petri nets. The tool features incremental syntax checking and code generation, which take place while a net is being constructed. A fast simulator efficiently handles untimed and timed nets. Full and partial state spaces can be generated and analyzed, and a standard state space report contains information, such as boundedness properties and liveness properties.


Process Mining


The Process Mining Framework in which all our process-mining related ideas are implemented. If you want to see our research at work, download the latest release of ProM.



Yet Another Workflow Language


YAWL is a BPM/Workflow system, based on a concise and powerful modelling language, that handles complex data transformations, and full integration with organizational resources and external Web Services. YAWL offers:

  • the most powerful process specification language for capturing control-flow dependencies and resourcing requirements.
  • native data handling using XML Schema, XPath and XQuery.
  • a formal foundation that makes its specifications unambiguous and allows automated verification.
  • a service-oriented architecture that provides an environment that can easily be tuned to specific needs.


  • YAWL (includes downloads)



ExSpect is a software tool for discrete process modelling. It is suitable for business process modelling, production chain modelling, use case modelling, etcetera.

An ExSpect model describes a process in terms of a collection of subtasks that communicate by message passing. The network of subtasks is displayed and edited graphically. A subtask can itself have a process model; this allows large models to be decomposed into manageable parts.

Models can be analysed for structural correctness properties, and their behaviour can be observed through simulation, either step-by-step, continuous or with breakpoints.

An ExSpect simulation can create or use external files; it is even possible to use an ExSpect simulation component.


Workflow management technology promises a flexible solution for business-process support facilitating the easy creation of new business processes and modification of existing processes. Unfortunately, todays workflow products have no support for workflow verification. Errors made at design-time are not detected and result in very costly failures at run-time. Woflan helps you to detect these errors before the workflow is put into production. Woflan is a remarkable product with unique features. State-of-the-art Petri-net-based analysis techniques are deployed to verify the correctness of a workflow process. The functionality of Woflan starts where other workflow tools give up. Woflan can interface with several workflow management systems and BPR tools. The challenge is not to detect errors: The real challenge is to provide diagnostics why something is wrong and how it can be repaired. For this purpose, Woflan generates high-quality diagnostic information guiding the designer towards the error. Woflan is based on the strong theoretical results and practical experiences with contemporary workflow management systems.