Mail for on Exchange

Mail for is delivered on your Exchange-account.

Most mail applications can provide access to Exchange mail, but you may want to use more of the available facilities.

Here is a summary of the available applications, the facilitities that they provide access to, and how to install or use them.

provides access to Exchange facilities:install or use,
see also details below
only ...
automatically at first start
- Web Access
Android Email
  • Add account:
    MS Exchange ActiveSync
  • server:
EWS based
  • evolution
choose protocol EWS
IMAP / SMTP based
  • thunderbird
  • claws
  • evolution
  • protocol: IMAP
  • server:
  • encryption: STARTTLS
  • Leave copy on: Sent Items
  • SMTP-server:
    • server:
    • authentication: recommended.
      If yes, then see here for
      • credentials
      • encryption
      • port

Facility support details

Voting buttons

Voting buttons are usually only available for receivers on the campus.
This depends on the sender's outlook settings

Installation details


  • When using Outlook on the campus, the required settings should be installed automatically at the first start.
  • Else, see E-mail at home that is, outside the campus.

Android Email

For installation, Android Email does not seem to apply autodiscover.
You need to switch to manual settings.
This option will appear after entering your email-address and password.

SMTP server and archiving outgoing mail

  • Leave copy on: Sent Items, not Sent.
    This is not really a SMTP-setting but it requires attention because most SMTP based configurations leave a copy by default in the Sent folder.
    This is not recommended, especially if you use several platforms to access your Exchange mail, because the Exchange standard is Sent Items.
    The Sent folder does exist but it is only used as an intermediate place to keep the outgoing mail while it is processed.
  • SMTP with authentication works inside and outside the campus network,
    so this is the best choice for laptops and other mobile devices.
    For the settings, see Configuration - For applications that do not support EWS
    Use instead of as long as the certificate does not include as Canonical name or as one of the Subject Alt Names.
  • On the campus network, authentication is optional:
  • STARTTLS only encrypts on the path until the smtp-server.
  • SSL does not work on claws-mail, it does work on Mac where it maybe implies STARTTLS.

LDAP based address book settings

Unfortunately, LDAP based searching does not always work.
Here are some working settings:

  • Port: 389
  • Security: TLS
  • Search Base: DC=campus,DC=tue,DC=nl
  • Search Attributes: cn
  • Bind DN: TUE\account
  • Bind Password: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫


This could only be made working with a working kerberos ticket
and without encryption:
  • Server:
  • Port: 389
  • Search Base: DC=campus,DC=tue,DC=nl
  • Bind DN: (empty)
  • Search filter: (objectclass=person)
  • Scope: subtree
  • Login method: Kerberos (GSSAPI)
  • SSL: off (no option for TLS)
The addressbook does not seem to work with LDAP, only with EWS.

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