Wireless guest network

On most of the TU/e campus, the TUe-guest wireless network is available for guests. Unlike tue-wpa2 and eduroam, this network can be accessed without a TU/e account.

Access to this network is granted at the BCF helpdesk (MF 3.082), either to individual guests, or to many guests at once by means of a special URL. The latter method can be used for special events, such as conferences.

Individual guests

WIth your guest, visit our helpdesk. Your guest will need to fill out a form and choose a username and password. This username and password is needed in order to use the wireless network. If you also bring the laptop to be used, BCF can help you create the proper connection.

Events (conferences etc)

Registration for events must be done before the event commences. BCF will ask you about event details, most notably the time period. We will then give you a URL that you need to provide to your guests. Your guests will use this URL to choose and confirm their own username and password, which they can then use on the campus.

Note that the username/password registration and confirmation needs to be done at a place with internet access. Hence, it is easiest for your guests to do this before they have arrived. An alternative is to provide one wired terminal at your conference just for wireless guest registration.

Again, the helpdesk can assist you with any further questions.

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