Apple Mac systems

BCF does not provide support for Apple Mac systems, but a few of our users have written down instructions in a wiki for people that want to run an Apple system on the faculty.

Notably, the method of installing a printer is rather involved on a Mac. Be sure to follow the instructions on the wiki above.

Site licenses

A few of the site licenses at the TUE for software such as

  • Mathematica
  • Matlab

also happen to apply to the Mac platform, for as long as it lasts.

The software is available at folder


You can access this folder using your TUE-domain (Exchange/Windows) account.

Depending on your file browser, you may need to enter:

  • server name: physstor
  • share name: appl

If you have problems accessing the mac-software folder, please visit the mac_wiki for general instructions on accessing shares.

We cannot provide any help and there is no policy to maintain

  • the mac-software folder contents (and existence)
  • the licenses, for current and future versions

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