WinEdt software error

(klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie)

Unfortunately a bug has been discovered with the WinEdt / MiKTeX software loaded on the laptops delivered in the year 2010-2011.

This bug prevents WinEdt from starting up correctly. Instead it will display an error message like so:

WinEdt error

We apologize for this inconvenience. The steps below should help you fix this. If you do not know how to solve this by yourself then you are free to request assistance from the Notebook Service Centre for Mathematics & Computer Science students.

  1. Please click on the following link to run the fix:
    Fix for WinEdt / MiKTeX on the 2010-2011 laptops.
  2. A dialog will appear asking whether you want to run or save this file. Choose "Run".
    Run or save.
  3. (Special note for Firefox users: please rightclick the above link and save it, Firefox will refuse to run it directly)
  4. After this program has completed, you will see the following window displayed. This means that the fix worked. You can close this window.
    Dialog from fix
  5. After you have done this, WinEdt should start without an error message.

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