Public computer rooms

BCF manages and supports one public computer room, located at HG 5.48. At the moment the room is supplied with 4 PCs, with Windows 7 and most common applications preinstalled. The PCs are reinstalled every work week on Mondays.

In order to use these machines you have to login in; you can do this with your regular TU/e usercode (on domain TUE).


Usage of the computers in the room is subject to the following rules, in addition to the regulare code of conduct for computer use of the TU/e:

  1. Usage is only permitted for students that are registered at and members of the faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science.
  2. Students can be asked by members of the faculty at any time to identify themselves using their student card.
  3. It is forbidden to eat or drink inside the room.
  4. It is forbidden to chat or play games on the PCs.
  5. Anyone found chatting or playing games, even when running other tasks in the background, automatically forfeits his or her rights to the use of the computers.
  6. Employees of BCF are authorized to at any time remove persons that do not respect these rules from the room.
  7. Employees of BCF are authorized, after repeated violations of these rules, to shut down and disallow access to the room for an hour (or more).

In case of questions, problems, or for reporting violations of these rules, please contact the helpdesk.


Note that it is not possible to reserve this room for projects.


Outlook is pre-installed but must first be configured to read your e-mail. Therefore it is often easier to read your NT mailbox using Webaccess.

For login into a Linux environment (e.g. svstud) you can use Exceed, which is preinstalled.

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