Homedirectory move

Not directly related to Fedora 18 but still related to changes in facilities is migrating your homedirectory,

from: /home/account on old Linux systems
to: /net/home/account on new Linux systems

The new path also appears as network drive G: on Windows systems .

The files can only be migrated if their names comply with the naming rules.


A utility to check compatibility and then copy your files is available at

Login into one of these systems with your Linux credentials, then start

  • without options for an interactive session that will guide you through the necessary steps
  • with -h if you want to see an introduction first

The utility is not provided on purpose on the new Linux systems. They can access the old directory but not the noncompliant filenames since these names are available there only as translated, already compliant, counterparts.

cifs_migrate errors

The only errors that should be left in

should be:

rsync: failed to set permissions on "/net/home/account/. Permission denied

because it is not always possible to copy permissions as well.

If you see other errors please call us.

Naming rules

To summarize, the naming rules are:

  • None of these characters at all:
    >*< | ? \ :

  • None of these characthers at end: space or period

  • No duplicate filenames, of course, in a folder, but also not duplicate when applying case-insensitive comparison. Only one of these names:
    can occur in a folder.


Sorry, we have no dur yet for Linux Fedora 18 systems. For now, please use:
df -h /net/home/${USER:4}

This does provide the personal amounts, instead of the total filesystem amounts that were provided by df on the older Linux systems.

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