Login shell is bash

That is, by default.

The current login procedure for authentication against the Active Directory only provides a fixed login shell, which we choose to be bash.

The bash shell is standard on many Linux distributions and lots of applications provide easy to use shortcuts only for bash or shells that understand bash syntax.

For tcsh users

Many Linux accounts got tcsh as login-shell when tcsh was much more advanced than the Bourne Shell.
We can assist you to translate your settings to bash and use bash almost the same way.

If you want another shell than bash

The chsh command to change your login shell does not work. As a provisional replacement for chsh we provide the following procedure:

  • Select a shell from /etc/shells
  • mkdir .tue
  • echo /bin/yourshell > .tue/loginshell

This is processed by a crafted login procedure. We have tested this procedure for many shell invocation contexts including

  • gnome-session startup
  • ssh sessions
    • interactive, also with X11 tunneling
    • single command
    • sftp subsystem
  • shell terminals
  • exec -l shellscript
  • sudo
  • cron (which ignores any login shell)

but we may still have forgotten one.

Some shells occur in /etc/shells for technical reasons. They will be ignored silently. If the new shell does not start as you expect, use your superuser privileges to inspect the logfile for the messages tagged with templateshell:

sudo grep templateshell /var/log/messages

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