Mailbox move

Not directly related to Fedora 18 but still related to changes in facilities is moving your mailbox.

Most Linux users have already moved their mailbox from the "Linux" mailbox:

to the "Exchange" mailbox:

Funds to maintain the hardware and to update mailbox sizes with the increasing needs are only available for the Exchange mailbox servers. Therefore, the Linux mailboxes will disappear.

With the setup on Fedora 18 systems, access to the remaining Linux mailboxes is already only available using IMAP settings. These settings can be applied to all mail programs:

  • mutt
  • claws
  • thunderbird

With the already required and available IMAP settings, using the Exchange mailbox instead of the Linux mailbox is only a small additional step.

Therefore, we encourage you to take that step. And we will assist you to make sure that all mail to any of your addresses is sent to the new destination.
In more detail, this involves:

  • Disable any forwarding from Exchange to Linux,
    • on behalf of your Exchange account
    • on behalf of settings on gateway mailservers
  • Enable forwarding from Linux to Exchange

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