File manager preferences

The file manager or "Files" application that is provided with the GNOME desktop environment appears with a gear wheel icon where you can open items such as

  • New tab
  • New Folder
but NOT the preferences that usually appears under the gear wheel icon.

There is an additional menu, the "app menu", as part of the "Top bar" on top of the screen, identified by the folder drawer icon and associated with the Files application.

That menu

has the Preferences item. Note that the app menu only appears when the application, the file manager in this case, has the focus.

Note that there are several filemanagers available, this page is about the "Files" application that is started by one of:

  • the folder drawer icon
  • the nautilus command
It can also be identified bij typing F1 in its window for help. The help page appears with the title

Files, folders & search

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