unison for TUE\account

Unison does not accept account names with backslash


There are several workarounds

Applying -sshargs with unison

You can supply the remote account through -sshargs.
The sshargs to supply are one of:

-l User=TUE\account
-o User=TUE\account

For example:

unison -sshargs '-l User=TUE\account' localdir ssh://pclinXXX.win.tue.nl//remotedir
unison -sshargs '-o User=TUE\account' localdir ssh://pclinXXX.win.tue.nl//remotedir

You need to quote the sshargs because they are technically one argument for unison which splits them on spaces for ssh. The single quotes are for literal quoting, there are no variables to expand.

By a personal ssh configuration

You can also directly configure ssh to use TUE\account. Therefore, enter:

# Test using ssh -v
Host pclinXXX.win.tue.nl
  User TUE\account
in your local (new or existing) file .ssh/config . This is without quotes and just a single backslash.

You also need to

chmod 600 .ssh/config

To check this configuration:

ssh -v pclinXXX.win.tue.nl

which should report:

.../.ssh/config line 1: Applying options for pclinXXX.win.tue.nl

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