Testing procmail

The desired rules in .procmailrc can be run on an alternate mailbox for testing as follows:

  • Do not enter the lines in ~/.forward.
  • Test to see whether procmail is present on your machine (which should be the case for our Linux systems):
    procmail -v
    If it is not present on your Linux system please notify us.
  • Make sure that the following line is present at the top of your .procmailrc:
    This line should be removed after testing!
  • cp $MAIL /tmp/inbox
  • formail -s procmail < /tmp/inbox

Do not use /tmp for anything else than testing your rules interactively; when running rules in production they are usually ran on the mailserver which might not have as much space in /tmp as you would like.

You can view the results of the run by running the following commands:

  • mutt -f $HOME/Mail/SPAM
  • grep Level: $HOME/Mail/SPAM
  • mutt -f /tmp/inbox.out
  • grep Level: /tmp/inbox.out

The file inbox.out contains your inbox as it would have been after the use of procmail on your mailbox.

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