Remote support

For Windows and Mac:

Click here to start remote support

For Linux users:

Choose and follow one of these procedures:
  • Download and open (start) that using /bin/sh

  • wget -O- | /bin/sh

Unfortunately, this does not work at the moment. It is the automated version of the official procedure:

  • Click which will lead to downloading TeamViewerQS.tar.gz
  • Then what to do with that TeamViewerQS.tar.gz ?
    Your browser may suggest to use the Archive Manager
    but that seems unable to start the starter script.
    So proceed as follows:
    • Invent/create a new tmpdir to download and unpack TeamViewerQS.tar.gz
    • open a shell-window
    • cd tmpdir
    • tar xzvf TeamViewerQS.tar.gz
    • ./teamviewerqs/teamviewer

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