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The department's FTP server, ftp.win.tue.nl, was taken down in 2011. It hosted little information, but one section, Wietse Venema's security-related software, was popular and famous. Mirrors of it can still be found elsewhere, e.g., at filewatcher.com.

If you work at the department and you are looking for a facility to publish files, see the webserver pages.


The basic procedure to transfer files :

  • Files can be uploaded to and downloaded under:
    with anonymous login (user ftp, empty password), that

    • you need to apply explicitly with command-line ftp-clients.
    • is what most GUI browsers apply implicitly.

  • The files can be downloaded by anyone who knows or guesses the filenames but they cannot be listed.

  • You need to convey the URL to the intended recipient in another way
It is up to you to assess the security of this procedure.

Files will be stored for a limited period, the size is limited to 750 MB.

To transfer a series of files...

consider creating a folder
so that you only need to convey that URL to the intended receiver.
Files under secretfolder will be listed as usual.

File sharing

Below are the options to transfer big files.


See the filesender page


TU/e university employees (but not students) can store and share files using SURFdrive.

Public file sharing services

You can use third-party services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etcetera. Be sure not to place confidential information there: you might be breaking the law or a confidentiality agreement.

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