Storage server

The storage server is provided to store "a lot of" data, that is for one of:

  • Secondary storage for data that does not fit on homedirectories:
    • G: (Windows)
    • /home (Linux)
    but that does fit on the local disk of your PC or laptop.
    Together with the primary version that you should keep on the local disk, the data is protected:
    • against disk failure on either side, your PC/laptop or the storage server
    • , which are supposed to happen rarely and never at the same time
    • NOT against accidental user deletion
  • Primary-only storage for data that does not even fit on the local disk of your PC or laptop. In case you use it for this purpose, the storage server provides:
    • of course, more space than your PC or laptop can provide
    • without backup
    • still with the redundant disks on the storage server, which is safer than most PC or laptop disk configurations

Note that this space is NOT part of a regular backup regime. It is safer than storage on a desktop PC because it is stored on redundant disks; but it is not protected against accidental user deletion. This is the major reason that we ask you to only store copies of data that you already have stored elsewhere.

Private space on the storage server

Private space is available at


on Windows systems and a similar path on Linux systems.

It is there for all accounts, it does not need to be requested.

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