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Project participants

If you have installed subversion or Tortoise SVN, the documentation is available with the software installation:

Windows Tortoise
is included in the explorer menu
Windows commandline
⇒Subversion Documentation
Subversion RPM

Repository administrators

Repository administrators at do not need to read all of the Repository Administration of the Subversion book but it is higly recommended that they do read Choosing a Repository Layout .

They may also want to read Best practices

Former CVS users

Former SCCS and RCS users

For SCCS and RCS users, the concept of file locking is very basic and essential. Nobody can ever edit a file without "taking it into edit mode" (SCCS) or "locking" (RCS) it.

In subversion, you can still lock if you want, but you are not supposed to do that. Read on in the chapter Basic Concepts of the Subversion book.

Linux Fedora users

Oops, the images directory is missing in the distributed /usr/share/doc/subversion*/svn-book.html You can see the document including images at