Editing repositories

Editing repository settings

Editing repository settings can be done on the subversion server by people designated as administrators.

Existing SVN-accounts can be added as participant.

For new SVN-accounts see Accounts and repositories

Editing repository contents at svn.win.tue.nl

Editing repository contents requires a subversion client, one of

  • the svn command which is included in the subversion package that is available for several platforms.
  • TortoiseSVN which extends the Windows explorer menus with the necessary SVN subcommands.

You may have already been browsing a repository that your repository-administrator has setup. If you want to edit, note that you need to replace viewvc in the URL by repos , as illustrated in the following example sessions.

For the svn command:

mkdir workdir
cd workdir
svn checkout https://svn.win.tue.nl/repos/project
cd project
edit file
mkdir subdir
edit subdir/subfile
svn add subdir # That is, schedule for commit
svn commit .

For the Tortoise-extended explorer:

  • Create and open a New Folder
  • In that folder, start SVN Checkout...
    • URL: https://svn.win.tue.nl/repos/project
    • OK
  • Create documents here or in existing or new folders
  • Start TortoiseSVN Add...
    • Select any document or folder that you want to schedule for commit
    • OK
  • Start SVN Commit...
    • Select any document or folder that you want to commit
    • OK

The link to the project is in .svn which appears in each working (sub)directory.

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