Accounts and repositories

Research projects

Repositories can be hosted for projects at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Such projects could range from a thesis with access for an author and a promotor to larger projects with access for a research group.
Accounts can be created also for external participants, but the repository-administrators need to be student or employee at the department.

To request an account, you can send an email to:

  • For an existing repository, we only need to create an account for which we need your name and mailaddress. Either new participants or repository-administrators can request new accounts, but allowing access to repositories is left to the repository-administrators.

  • For a new repository, you need to include:
    • a proposal for a short name:
      • Acronyms are allowed.
      • Generic names such as "project", "performance", "plugins" will be rejected, because we need unique names for the many repositories on the server
      • Upper and lowercase matter.
    • a one-line description
    • a list of participants with mailaddresses
  • We will appoint the sender of the request as repository-administrator, unless specified otherwise. The list of administrators can be changed later.

Accounts for participants at the TU/e are not directly connected to those in the Active Directory (Windows-accounts in the TUE domain) but we prefer to use the same names. Please inlcude the TU/e mailaddresses in the request.

Course repositories

For repositories for courses, please send an email to including:

  • the vakcode
  • groupnumber, if allocated
  • members: mailaddresses at

We will impose a short repository name such as:


If a groupnumber is allocated, please include it in the request. Since we have no access to studyweb, we cannot find the groupnumber ourselves.

The year is the starting year YYYY of an academic year YYYY/ZZZZ .

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