Announcements about maintenance and downtime of the webserver will be sent to all the accounts on the webserver, more specifically to This means that you are responsible for reading (and sometimes answering questions contained in) those announcements.

If we determine that an account is inresponsive, we will assume that it is no longer needed. Therefore, please make sure that you can read all mail, by setting up a forward to your main e-mail address if possible. Also make sure that this address is correct at all times. Pay particular attention when you transfer responsibility for a business account to someone else.

Forwarding e-mail

The e-mail address that you want to sent mail to for the personal account example should be stored in the file:


For business accounts this is:


It is possible to sent mail to more than one address by listing those addresses separated by commas or newlines.

Testing delivery

You can test delivery of e-mail by sending mail to

and verifying that it shows up at the correct destination.

Linux-accounts and .forward

For those with a Linux account: please note that the .forward file as found in your homedirectory is completely separate from this forward mechanism.

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