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CASA offers courses of both undergraduate and graduate level. Below you find an overview of the curriculum we offer. You may also be interested in the background on the scope, philosophy and relevance.

Bachelor College

For the Bachelor College, we organize the following packages of elective courses:
  • Computational science

    This package features the following four courses:
    1. 2WN50 Introduction numerical mathematics
    2. 2WN30 Theory and practice of ordinary differential equations
    3. 2WN60 Nonlinear dynamics and applications
    4. 2WN40 Numerical linear algebra

  • Analysis and geometry

    This package features the following three courses:
    1. 2WA90 Partial differential equations
    2. 2WAG0 Measure, integration, and probability theory
    3. 2WAH0 Tensor calculus & differential geometry
You may also be interested to see the list of all elective packages in the Bachelor College.

Graduate school / Master's courses

For maths students interested in a final project within CASA, we offer the specialization track Computational Science and Engineering within the Industrial and Applied Mathematics master's program (IAM-CSE).

The field of computational science is highly relevant to students of other departments too, e.g. applied physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more. The following list of courses in the master's program are especially recommended for non-maths students:

  • 2MMN10 Scientific Computing
  • 2MMN20 Scientific Programming
  • 2MMN30 Scientific computing in partial differential equations

Project and internships

CASA offers projects for bachelor and master students, many of which are to work in industry. Students can work on these challenges for their bachelor final project, an internship or the master final project. If you are interested, please check the current availabilities.

Antique lecture notes in mathematics

This is a collection of lecture notes in mathematics from the period 1956-1982. These documents are from TU/e's first 25 years of existence. They have been collected and republished in 2006. Please note that these Antieke Wiskunde Dictaten are all in Dutch.
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