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» 01-01-2016  
  Benzi, Bertsch, Tosin
» 16-09-2015  
  Garroni, Ortner, Huetter
» 01-06-2015  
  Carrillo de la Plata, Fetecau, Hille
» 13-10-2014  
  Legoll, Vermolen, Knabner
» 11-09-2014  
  Hall, Kooiman, van Meurs
» 10-09-2009  
  Jäger, Mikelić, Schweizer
» 16-07-2009  
  Seidman, Broer, van Schaftingen
» 10-03-2009  
  Neuss-Radu, Neus, Peletier
» 23-02-2009  
  Neuweiler, Bruining, Muntean
» 09-10-2007  
  Van der Hout, Eck, Van Noorden
» 07-03-2007  
  Schweizer, Hulshof, Pop
» 13-12-2006  
» 06-12-2006  
» 25-04-2006  
» 11-01-2006  
» 20-04-2005  
  Straughan, Schuttelaars
» 24-03-2005  
  Bothe, Timofte and Van Noorden

Previous minisymposia

Speaker 1
Prof. Robert Benzi
Large deviation effects in population and pedestrian dynamics

Speaker 2
Prof. Michiel Bertsch
Pseudoparabolic regularizations of forward-backward parabolic equations

Speaker 3
Prof. Andrea Tosin
A Boltzman-type kinetic approach to modelling of vehicular traffic
Speaker 1
Dr. A. Garroni
Derivation of self interaction energy for dislocations

Speaker 2
Prof.dr. C. Ortner
Multi-scale simulation of dislocations

Speaker 3
Dr.sc.nat M. Huetter
Statistical-Thermodynamics Approach to Collective Dislocation Dynamics
Speaker 1
Jose Antonio Carrillo de la Plata (Imperial College London)
Swarming models with repulsive-attractive effects: Pattern stability

Speaker 2
Răzvan Fetečau (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada)
Nonlocal attractive-repulsive aggregation models

Speaker 3
Sander Hille (Leiden University)
Analysis of long-term dynamics in a deterministic system with random interventions
Speaker 1
Cameron Hall (Oxford University)
Discrete-to-continuum asymptotics for dislocation pile-ups and arrays

Speaker 2
Marleen Kooiman (TU/e)
Free energy of dislocations: Statistical mechanics approach

Speaker 3
Patrick van Meurs (TU/e)
Upscaling of dislocation walls by variational methods
Speaker 1
Prof. Willi J?ger (University of Heidelberg)
Homogenization of a Parabolic Variational Inequality with Unilateral Constraints on the Time Derivative Periodically Distributed on the Boundary

Speaker 2
Andro Mikelic (University of Lyon 1, France)
Upscaling of the differential equations modeling the reactive flow through a deformable system of biological cells

Speaker 3
Ben Schweizer (University of Dortmund)
Negative index of optical media and a theory for meta-materials
Speaker 1
Thomas Seidman (University of Maryland Baltimore County
Reaction/diffusion in transport through a membrane: a case study in singular perturbation

Speaker 2
Henk Broer (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Secular and oscillatory motions in dynamical systems

Speaker 3
Jean van Schaftingen (Universit? Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Periodic homogenization, convergence of monotone operators and Mosco convergence
Speaker 1
Maria Neuss-Radu (University of Heidelberg)
Multiscale analysis and simulation of reaction-diffusion processes through membranes

Speaker 2
Nicolas Neuss (University of Karlsruhe)
Multiscale simulation of diffusion and absorption in chloroplasts

Speaker 3
Mark Peletier (TU/e)
Many-spike structures in block copolymers
Speaker 1
Adrian Muntean (TU/e)
A reaction-diffusion system with distributed microstructure:  homogenization and fast-reaction asymptotics

Speaker 2
Hans Bruining (Delft University)
Computation of the macroscopic dispersion coefficient in an adsorbing porous medium using homogenization

Speaker 3
Insa Neuweiler (Leibniz Universit?t Hannover)
Not available.
Speaker 1
Rein van der Hout (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Discrete precipitation phenomena in a reaction-diffusion system

Speaker 2
Christof Eck (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-N?rnberg)
Multiscale models for phase transitions with microstructures

Speaker 3
Tycho van Noorden (TU/e)
Crystal dissolution and precipitation in porous media: variable pore geometry and upscaled model
Speaker 1
Ben Schweizer (Universit?t Basel)
On the description of hysteresis in porous media

Speaker 2
Joost Hulshof (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Nonlinear pseudo-parabolic equations

Speaker 3
Sorin Pop (TU/e)
Non-classical solutions of the Buckley-Leveett as limit of dynamic capillarity models
Speaker 1
A. Quarteroni (Politecnico di Milano & EPFL Lausanne)
On the mathematical modeling of the cardiovascular system

Speaker 2
F. van de Vosse (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Computational hemodynamics: interaction of a complex fluid with even more complex structures

Speaker 3
G. Peeren (Philips Medical Systems, Best)
Applied mathematics in the magnetic design of MRI scanners

Speaker 4
L. Florack (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Modeling foveal vision
Speaker 1
A. Quarteroni (Politecnico di Milano & EPFL Lausanne)
Reduced numerical models for multiphysics

Speaker 2
A. Antoulas (Rice University, Houston, TX, USA, and Intern.University Bremen)
Model reduction: an overview and some new results

Speaker 3
J. Korvink (IMTEK, Univ. of Freiburg)
Engineering design issues arising when applying MOR to MEMS: Three case studies

Speaker 4
S. Weiland (Eindhoven University of Technology)
A hybrid modeling approach for the reduction of nonlinear systems
Speaker 1
M.R. (Mary) Wheeler (University of Texas at 
A Multiscale Mortar Mixed Finite Element Method

Speaker 2
R. (Rainer) Helmig (Universit?t Stuttgart)
Multi-scale modelling of flow and transport processes in heterogeneous porous media

Speaker 3
S.M. (Majid) Hassanizadeh (Utrecht University)
New Model of Two-phase Flow in Porous Media Including Dynamic Capillary Pressure Effects

Speaker 4
C.J. (Hans) van Duijn (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
A new class of entropy solutions of the Buckley-Leverett equation

Speaker 5
A. (Andro) Mikelić (Universit? Lyon 1)
Rigorous upscaling of the reactive flow through a pore, under dominant Peclet and Damkohler numbers

Speaker 6
J. (J?r?me) Jaffre (INRIA-Rocquencourt)
Numerical Challenges in the Simulation of Contaminant Transport Around a Waste Repository
Speaker 1
Hans Groot (TU/e and DLR, Berlin)
Identifying sound sources in a circular flow duct

Speaker 2
Ahmet Demir (TU/e)
Sound radiation from a duct exit with hot jet

Speaker 3
Hein de Vries (Twente University)
Optimized schemes for wave propagation

Speaker 4
Gregory Vilensky (TU/e)
Acoustic modes in a ducted shear flow

Speaker 5
Gerben Kooijman (TU/e)
Effect of grazing flow on orifice impedance: mode matching

Speaker 6
Sjoerd Rienstra (TU/e)
Scattering of sound at an impedance transition in a lined flow duct
Speaker 1
Brian Straughan (University of Durham)
Decay bounds in a model for aggregation of microglia: application to Alzheimer's  disease senile plaques
Speaker 2
Henk Schuttelaars (Universiteit Utrecht)
Construction of optimal low-order dynamical models for problems involving non-selfadjoint operators, applied to the salt lake problem
Speaker 1
Dieter Bothe (Universit?t Paderborn)
Modeling and VOF-simulation of two-phase flows with mass transport
Speaker 2
Claudia Timofte (University of Bucharest)
Homogenization in chemical reactive flows through porous media
Speaker 3
Tycho van Noorden (TU/e)
Numerical methods for periodically operated chemical processes

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