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CASA has a large expertise in analysis and numerical simulation of problems that can be modelled as differential equations. Simulation includes the modelling process up to and including the visualisation of results. The topics are quite varied. A large part of the projects is paid by external funds, both from research foundations and industry.

The chair Scientific Computing is led by Prof.dr.ir. Barry Koren, and combines research in

  • Discretization methods: finite elements, finite volumes, finite differences, boundary element methods
  • Methods for nonlinear problems: Newton's method and related methods
  • Model order reduction
  • Mimetic discretizations
  • Generalized Krylov methods
  • Smoothed particle hydrodynamics

Prof.dr. Mark Peletier is the chair of the group Applied Analysis. Focus areas of this group are

  • Theory of nonlinear partial differential equations: well-posedness, qualitative behaviour
  • Multiscale analysis: upscaling, homogenization, discrete-to-continuum transitions
  • Moving-boundary problems: Hele-Shaw flow, Stokes flow, and dissolution-precipitation reactions
  • Acoustics

The Image Analysis group is chaired by Prof.dr. Luc Florack, and concentrates on

  • Geometrical and topological methods for image analysis
  • Mathematical and computational methods in cardiac and neuro image analysis of magnetic resonance imaging data

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