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CASA reports 2005

  1. A.S. Tijsseling, A.E. Vardy
Fluid-structure interaction and transient cavitation tests in a T-piece pipe
January, 16 pages
.pdf (660 kB)

A.S. Tijsseling, A.E. Vardy
20 years of FSI experiments in Dundee
January, 8 pages

.pdf (185 kB)

G.J.M. Pieters, C.J. van Duijn
Transient growth in linearly stable gravity-driven flow in porous media
January, 22 pages
.ps (3,78 mB)
.pdf (1,72 mB)

A. Verhoeven, T.G.J. Beelen, M.L.J. Hautus, E.J.W. ter Maten
Digital linear control theory applied to automatic stepsize control in electrical circuit simulation
January, 5 pages

.ps (213 kB)

.pdf (186 kB)
P.J. Heres, J. Niehof, W.H.A. Schilders,
More effective Krylov subspace construction for smaller EM-based equivalent circuit models
January, 7 pages

.pdf (275 kB)

J.M.B. Kroot
Analysis of eddy currents in a gradient coil
February, 8 pages
.ps (463 kB)
.pdf (110 kB)

J.M.B. Kroot, S.J.L. van Eijndhoven, A.A.F. v.d. Ven
Eddy currents in a gradient coil, modelled as circular loops of strips
February, 6 pages
.ps (443 kB)
.pdf (100 kB)

M.L. Bondar, J.H.M. ten Thije Boonkkamp
Analytic description of the evolution of an axisymmetric flame surface
February, 14 pages

.ps (1,35 mB)

O. Gaidai, J. den Doelder, S. de Vries, A.A.F. v.d. Ven
Extrudate swell analysis and simulations for the IUPAC-LDPE melt using the K-BKZ model
February, 16 pages

.pdf (179 kB)

C.G. Giannopapa, G. Papadakis
Linear stability analysis and validation of a unified solution method for fluid-structure-interaction on structural dynamic problems
February, 16 pages

.pdf (699 kB)

S.W. Rienstra
Impedance models in time domain
March, 23 pages

.ps (642 kB)

J.M.L. Maubach
Space-filling curves for 2-simplicial meshes created with bisections and reflections
March, 15 pages

.ps (3,58 mB)

I.E.M. Severens, A.A.F. v.d. Ven, D.E. Wolf, R.M.M. Mattheij
Modelling and DEM simulations of toner behavior in a print process
March, 21 pages

pdf (877 kB)

M.F. Sevat, S.H.M.J. Houben, E.J.W. ter Maten
DRK methods for time-domain oscillator simulation
March, 5 pages
.ps (220 kB)
.pdf (165 kB)

J.C. van der Meer
A note on local morse theory in state-scale space and Gaussian deformations
March,  9 pages

.pdf (175 kB)

D. Bežanović, C.J. van Duijn, E.F. Kaasschieter
Analysis of wet pressing of paper: the three-phase model. Part I: constant air density
April, 28 pages

.pdf (378 kB)

R. Minero, M.J.H. Anthonissen, R.M.M. Mattheij
Local defect correction for time-dependent partial differential equations
April, 8 pages
.ps (173 kB)
.pdf (105 kB)

M. Patricio, R.M.M. Mattheij, J.H.M. ten Thije Boonkkamp
The cooling of a mono-crystalline bar
May, 27 pages

.pdf (258 kB)

A. Mikelic, V. Devigne, C.J. van Duijn
Rigorous upscaling of a reactive flow through a pore, under important Peclet's and Damkohler's numbers
May, 35 pages

.pdf (268 kB)

J. Bruining, C.J. van Duijn
Traveling waves in a finite condensation rate model for steam injection
May, 25 pages
.pdf (435 kB)

D. Hilhorst, J.R. King, M. Röger
Mathematical analysis of a model describing the invasion of bacteria in burn wounds
May, 38 pages
.ps (486 kB)
.pdf (269 kB)

J.M.B. Kroot, S.J.L. van Eijndhoven, A.A.F. v.d. Ven
Eddy currents in a gradient coil, modeled as circular loops of strips
May, 34 pages

.pdf (801 kB)

S.W. Rienstra, B.J. Tester
An analytic Green's function for a lined circular duct containing uniform mean flow
May, 18 pages

.pdf (1491 kB)

S.W. Rienstra, N. Peake
Modal scattering at an impedance transition in a lined flow duct
May, 19 pages

.pdf (424 kB)

G. Vilenski, S.W. Rienstra
Acoustic modes in a ducted shear flow
May, 20 pages

.pdf (715 kB)

D. Bežanović, E.F. Kaasschieter, M. Riepen
Modelling of hot pressing of paper
June, 22 pages
.ps (2.514 kB)
.pdf (307 kB)

R. Minero, M.J.H. Anthonissen, R.M.M. Mattheij
Solving parabolic problems using local defect correction in combination with the finite volume method
June, 22 pages
.ps (3.472 kB)
.pdf (369 kB)

C.G. Giannopapa, M.C.M. Rutten, G. Papadakis, F.N. van de Vosse, A.S. Tijsseling
Comparison of linear theory with wave propagation experiment in flexible vessels with wall thickness variation and geometric tapering
June, 6 pages

.pdf (567 kB)

H.S. Dollar, N.I.M. Gould, W.H.A. Schilders, A.J. Wathen
On iterative methods and implicit-factorization preconditioners for regularized saddle-point systems
June, 41 pages

.pdf (283 kB)

D. Bežanović, C.J. van Duijn, E.F. Kaasschieter
Analysis of wet pressing of paper: the three-phase model. Part II: compressible air case
July, 18 pages

.pdf (318 kB)

K. Malakpoor, E.F. Kaasschieter, J.M. Huyghe
An analytical solution of incompressible charged porous media
July, 18 pages

.pdf (194 kB)

J. Horák, G.J. Lord, M.A. Peletier
Cylinder buckling: The mountain pass as an organizing center
August, 28 pages

.pdf (2.294 kB)

M. Röger, R. Schätzle
On a modified conjecture of De Giorgi
August, 38 pages
.ps (552 kB)
.pdf (294 kB)

C.J. van Duijn, H. Eichel, R. Helmig, I.S. Pop
Effective equations for two-phase flow in porous media: the effect of trapping at the micro scale
September, 20 pages
.ps (552 kB)
.pdf (294 kB)

J.M.B. Brown, A.E. Vardy, A.S. Tijsseling
Response to wall heat transfer to flows along a cylindrical cavity and to seepage flows in the surrounding medium
October, 28 pages

.pdf 332 kB)

H.S. Dollar, N.I.M. Gould, W.H.A. Schilders, A.J. Wathen
Using constraint preconditioners with regularized saddle-point problems
October, 17 pages

.pdf 239 kB

M. Günther, U. Feldmann, E.J.W. ter Maten
Modelling and discretization of circuit problems
October, 117 pages

.pdf 873 kB

E.J.W. ter Maten, A. Verhoeven, A. El Guennouni, Th. Beelen
Multirate hierarchical time integration for electronic circuits
October, 2 pages

.pdf 44 kB

M.J.H. Anthonissen, R. Minero
Conditions for one-step convergence of the local defect correction method for elliptic problems
October, 12 pages

.pdf (180 kB)

R. Minero, H.G. ter Morsche, M.J.H. Anthonissen
Convergence properties of the local defect correction method for parabolic problems
October, 27 pages

.pdf (331 kB)

T.L. van Noorden, J. Rommes
Computing a partial generalized real Schur form using the Jacobi-Davidson method
November, 24 pages

.pdf (239 kB)

J.M.L. Maubach
The algebraic structure/properties of the coefficient matrix the Adjoint system related to an optimal control approach in
semiconductor design - and an efficient parallel realization in petsc
December, 38 pages

.pdf (203 kB)

R. Duits, M. van Almsick
The explicit solutions of linear left-invariant second order stochastic evolution equations on the 2D-Euclidean motion group
December, 37 pages

.pdf (4797 kB)

A. Verhoeven, A. El Guennouni, E.J.W. ter Maten, R.M.M. Mattheij
Multirate methods for the transient analysis of electrical circuits
December, 2 pages

.pdf (69 kB)

T. Neuhaus, A. Dudlik, A.S. Tijsseling
Experiments and corresponding calculations on thermohydraulic pressure surges in pipes
December, 27 pages

.pdf (2136 kB)


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