Loading and Saving to disk

In order to load and save to disk, you must first configure your browser.


The collection of all queues stored in your computer's memory is called QFolio. You can save all those queues at one time, by selecting Save QFolio (as) from the Queue menu. To load an already saved QFolio, select Load QFolio from the Queue menu.

To start over with an empty QFolio, select New QFolio from the Queue menu.


To save a graph (a text chart, or a distribution graph) to disk, click on the right mouse button in the graph area. You can now select a chart type you'd like to see. Instead of selecting the chart type, click on Save to Disk. You may now specify a file name and the picture of the chart is saved as a gif-file. The size of the saved picture will be the size as the picture is shown on the screen.