HotJava configuration

Getting Java 1.1

Java 1.1 is present at HotJava versions 1.1 or higher.

Changing the security settings

You have to change the security settings, so HotJava wont't display the nagging "Warning appletwindow" banners, and so you can save and load your Qfolios.

  1. Start HotJava and choose Preferences from the Edit menu. Then choose Applet Security.
  2. Click on advanced security
  3. Click on Add Site, then type:
  4. Make sure that System Permissions is selected
  5. You see that the site is added to the list. Click on
  6. Uncheck: use default permissions for this site or certificate
  7. Check: Applet can open windows without warning banners
  8. Check: Applet may access all properties
  9. Click on top of this page on: Access to files
  10. Add the directories that you allow Q 1.0 to read and write, to both text panes
  11. If you want to, you can uncheck "Warn before granting access to other files" and "Warn before granting write access to other files"
  12. Click the Previous page button twice

Attention: by changing the security settings, you allow all the applets on this server ( to write in the directories that you specified. Make sure there are no important files in these directories.