Netscape configuration

Getting Java 1.1

The standard versions of Netscape communicator do not have Java 1.1. However, Netscape Communicator versions 4.03, 4.04 and 4.05 have a Java 1.1 patch that you can download. Get this patch at If this doesn't work, we suggest you download the whole Communicator version 4.05 with Java 1.1 support from this site.

Changing the security settings

Unfortunately, Netscape does not allow users to change the security settings in an easy way, like HotJava or Internet Explorer. You must obtain a security certificate first, but we haven't found a certificate for free anywhere. It still possible to run the program however, but you will have annoying "Warning: applet window" status bars, and you can't write or load files from your harddisk.
If you do know how to change the security settings in Netscape, please mail us, so we will put this information right on this page.