Entering Queues

Creating a new queue

To create a new queue, select New from the Queue menu. You'll now be able to select a queue type. After you selected a queue type, you can enter the parameters for that queue type. A graphic representation of the queue is given at the bottom of the Q window and is changed automatically.

You can store multiple queues in the memory of the computer at the same time. Simply select New from the Queue menu, every time you'd like to create another queue.

Selecting a queue

After you've created a number of queues, you can make active a queue stored in the computer's memory, by selecting Select from the Queue menu. A submenu will appear in which all queues stored in the computer's memory are shown. Simply select the one you'd like to make active.

Deleting a queue

To delete the active queue from the computer's memory, select Delete from the Queue menu. To delete another queue, first select that queue from the Select submenu, so you can delete it.