Showing Results

Showing means and variances

To show means and variances for a queue, select Mean Values from the Results menu. Depending on the type of queue, means and variances of a number of the following measures are given:

Measures that can't be calculated for the queue type will not be printed on your screen. For example for any M|M|c queue (even for an M|M|c queue with c=1), the busy period and the idle period won't be shown.

Showing distributions

To show the results of your queue as distributions, select Distributions from the Queue menu. At the left of the distributions window, you can select what distribution you'd like to see. Furthermore you can select if you'd like to see the probabilities or density, the distribution function, or the tail of the distribution.

To show the distribution as a text chart, click with the right mouse button on the graph and select the text chart type. There's an extra button to change the scale of the graph that is currently displayed. This could be convenient, if you'd like to compare graphs in different windows, that do not have the same scale automatically. Click this button to select a maximum X and maximum Y value to be printed on the axes. If the Y value you give is to small to print the whole graph, your given Y value will be ignored.