What browser should I use?

If you haven't decided yet, what browser you're going to use to run Q, we'll have some recommendations for you.


If you have HotJava version 1.1 or higher already available on your computer, we strongly recommend to use Hotjava. HotJava may not be your favorite browser, but it's the best browser to use for running applets.
Advantages of using HotJava are:

Disadvantages of using HotJava are:

Internet Explorer

Versions 4.0 and higher all have java 1.1 available. You can configure your security settings, but you don't have as much possibilities for doing this as in Hotjava. However, if you don't have HotJava available, the Internet Explorer also works quite well.
Advantages of using the Internet Explorer is:

Disadvantages of using the Internet Explorer are:

Netscape Navigator

There are two disadvantages of using Netscape to run the Q applet. Netscape 4.05 doesn't have full Java 1.1 support. Therefore you'll need to download a special version of Netscape 4.05 that does support Java 1.1. Click on the icon to get more information on this. Furthermore, in Netscape it won't be possible to load and save Qfolios.
The Advantage of Netscape is:

Disadvantages of Netscape are: