Using Cowfolios

Instead of loading and saving one barn at a time, you can also save a complete cowfolio at once. The cowfolio exists of all barns that are currently in the computer's memory. Each time you load, create or copy a barn, the new barn will be added to the cowfolio. Each modification in a barn, will affect the cowfolio. The name of the current cowfolio is shown above the Cow 1.0 main window. Before you can save and load cowfolios in the applet version of Cow 1.0, you'll have to configure your browser.

Saving a cowfolio

To save all barns that are currently in the computer's memory, select Save Cowfolio (or Save Cowfolio as) from the Barn menu. You can select a directory to store the cowfolio and give the cowfolio a name you like.

Loading a cowfolio

To load a cowfolio into the computer's memory, select Load Cowfolio from the Barn menu. Then choose the cowfolio you'd like to load. If you don't choose to save the current cowfolio, it will be thrown away.

New cowfolio

To clear the computer's memory and start over with a whole new cowfolio, select New Cowfolio from the Barn menu.