Getting Results

Creating a new barn

When you just started the program, no barn is currently selected. To obtain results, you must first create your own barn. To do so, select Create from the Barn menu. You'll now get a barn setting dialog. You can choose a barn layout and a number of cows you'd like to have in the barn. Click on Ok to accept your settings and create a new barn.

Advanced users can also change the behavior of the cows and the specification of the milking and concentrate machines. The cows behave like clients in a closed queueing network. Click on advanced station settings to change the mean service times, the standard deviations and the relative visiting frequencies of the cows to the stations. After clicking advanced station settings, it's also possible to change the percentage of time the cows are walking through the barn, without being served by a particular server.

After you created your own barn, your barn will be displayed on the screen. The number of servers are displayed graphically, as well as the mean number of cows in all stations. Walking cows, served cows and waiting cows have different symbols. Waiting cows are printed red. Also the mean time between successive visits to the cubicles is given.

Cow being served Waiting cow Walking cow

Showing results

A number of variables can be displayed in bar charts, pie charts or just as text. The variables are: queue lengths, sojourn times, queueing probabilities, throughputs and occupation rates. Select the variable you'd like to examine from the Results menu.

At first the results will be showed as a bar chart or as a pie chart. To change the chart type move the mouse cursor to the chart and click on the right mouse button. A menu will popup and you can select the display type for the chart.

Saving results

If you changed the security settings of your browser, and you allowed the applet to write on your harddisk, you can save your results on disk in GIF format.
To do this, select the type of chart that you want, and resize it to your preferred size. Now click on the right mouse button somewhere in the chart. The popup menu appears that allows you to choose a chart type. The last item of the popup menu is Save Image. Click on this item. Now a new window will appear which contains the same image, on a white background. If you press the ok button, a file dialog will appear that allows you to choose a name. The encoding of the image to a GIF file lasts rather long, so be patient and wait until the frame disappears and the cursor turns normal again.