Managing Barns

Selecting barns

All barns you create will be stored in the computer's memory. However, only one barn at a time can be active. To change the active barn, choose Select from the Barn menu and select the barn you'd like to examine.

Showing barn settings

To show the settings of your active barn, select Show from the Barn menu. All numbers of servers, mean service times, standard deviations and visiting frequencies will now be shown.

Modifying barn settings

To change the settings of your active barn, select Modify from the Barn menu. You'll get the same dialog as when you first created your barn. Change the settings you'd like to change and then click Ok, or click Cancel to continue using your old settings. You can also change the Advanced Station Settings.

Copying a barn

You can also create a new barn, based on the settings of your old barn. To do so, select Copy from the Barn menu. The same thing will happen as when you create a barn, but the barn settings at first given in the barn dialog will be those of your active barn.

Deleting barns

To delete your active barn, select Delete from the Barn menu. To delete another barn, select that barn and then delete it.