Showing Advanced Barn Results

Queue Length Probability Distribution

You can display the queue length probability distribution of the stations in your current barn. To do so, select queue length probability distribution in the Results menu. Then you have to give a selection of the part of the distribution that you want to display. Usually you don't want to change this. After you made the selection, the distribution function is plotted. You can choose the station whose queue length probability distribution is shown. If you select "cumulative", the cumulative probability distribution function is shown.

Since it is not possible to calculate the exact distribution function, an approximation is made. We assumed the station to behave as a M|M|c station, instead of a M|M|c|N station. This means that the approximation of the distribution function will get worse, if a lot of cows are waiting in this station. But since you don't want the cows to be waiting for too long, this shouldn't be a problem.

Comparing Barns

You can compare different barns you have in the computer's memory, by displaying them in one bar chart or text chart. To do so, select Compare from the Results menu. Then select the barns you'd like to compare and click Ok. A bar chart is now shown in which all results for all stations are given. At the upper left corner of the window you can select which results you'd like to see.

Generating Series

Another way to compare barns, is to vary one of the variables of the active barn. For example, you could examine your active active barn for all numbers of cows between 100 and 200. The results are given in an XY Plot. To get the plot, first select Generating Series from the Results menu, then select a variable for the X-axis.

An XY Plot is now shown. At the upper left corner of the window you can select which results you'd like to see. At the bottom left corner of the window you can select for which stations you'd like to see results. At first, results for all stations will be displayed.