New Features in Cow 1.2

Easier User Interface

Cow is very popular with kids. They are not really interested in mathematical queueing performance measures, like mean sojourn times, throughput etc.. So Cow 1.2 does not have the menu structure anymore, but only has the Create New Barn button and the Modify Current Barn button.

However, there is a checkbox that enables the user to switch to "advanced mode". This advanced mode is equal to the normal mode in Cow 1.1.

English and Dutch language within one applet

In version 1.1 the Dutch applet and the English applet were two different applets. Now Cow consists of only one applet that starts in Dutch by default. The user can change the language to English by clicking on the UK flag in the applet.

New Features in Cow 1.1

The Farmer (Boer Harm)

The main task in Cow 1.0 was to create a barn that makes all of your cows happy. We noticed that many people (especially some smart kids) found an optimal solution really quickly: just create stations that have just as many stations as total number of cows in the barn.
To make sure that the user does not choose too many servers, we introduced the farmer (Boer Harm). He only looks happy when no station could have one server less and still have less than 1 cow (average) waiting.