Definitive programme DIAMANT/EIDMA symposium 2005

Besides a number of 25-minute talks there were 55-minute talks by DIAMANT board members and by some further internationally recognised mathematicians active in the broad field of DIAMANT mathematics. Ample time was reserved for informal contacts between and after the talks.

Wednesday 16 November

10:00-10:05 opening
10:05-11:00 Hendrik W. Lenstra Odd perfect numbers
11:00-11:30 coffee break
11:30-11:55 An Braeken Cryptographic Properties of Symmetric Boolean Functions slides
12:00-12:25 Reinier Bröker Constructing elliptic curves with a given number of points slides
12:30-14:00 lunch
14:00-14:55 Jean-Jacques Quisquater Cryptology and graph theory slides
15:00-15:25 Christopher Wolf Using Multivariate Quadratic Polynomials in Public Key Cryptography slides
15:30-16:00 tea break
16:00-16:55 Arjeh M. Cohen Algebras related to Links and Tangles slides
18:00 social drink
19:00 dinner

Thursday 17 November

9:30-10:25 Günter M. Ziegler Constructing surfaces, combinatorial and geometric slides
10:30-10:55 Stefan van Zwam Properties of Lattices: a Semidefinite Programming Approach slides
11:00-11:30 coffee break
11:30-11:55 Wieb Bosma Computer Algebra --- Ask not what it can do for you slides
12:00-12:25 Erik Postma On Lie algebras defined by a partial linear space slides
12:30-14:00 lunch
14:00-14:55 Alexander Schrijver Exploiting symmetry in optimization slides
15:00-15:25 Gwenael Joret A generalization of alpha-critical graphs in connection with linear ordering polytopes slides
15:30-16:00 tea break
16:00-16:25 Tim Nieberg Fast Distributed Maximal Independent Set Computation in Bounded Growth Graphs
16:30-17:25 Henk Barendregt The interaction of computing and proving in Computer Mathematics
19:00 dinner

Friday 18 November

09:00-09:55 Harry Buhrman Quantum Computing and Communication
10:00-10:25 Ellen Jochemsz Simple attacks on the RSA cryptosystem for small private exponents
10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00-11:25 Jan-Willem Knopper Automatic proofs of graph non-isomorphism
11:30-11:55 Theo van den Bogaart Cohomology and the number of points slides
12:00-13:30 lunch
13:30-13:55 Bas Spitters Constructive mathematics and the algebraization of analysis
14:00-14:25 Russell O'Connor Machine Verification of Incompleteness of PA slides
14:30-15:00 tea break
15:00-15:55 Harm Derksen Rational Invariant Theory slides

last update 22 November 2005