Specification and verification

We have considerable expertise in process algebra. We study extensions with various forms of timing, probabilities and toschastics, and continuously evolving elements. We consider applications in embedded systems and life sciences. We work together closely with the group OAS and SE at Mechanical Engineering.

Jos Baeten Professor Process Algebra  
Bas Luttik Process Algebra Lecturer  
Suzana Andova Lecturer Stochastic Systems  
Pieter Cuijpers Lecturer Hybrid Systems  
Erik de Vink Senior Lecturer FM in life sciences  
Uzma Khadim Ph.D. student Project:Explaining Hybrid Systems in Process Algebra
Sonja Georgievska Ph.D. student Project:Quantitative analysis of composed systems
Jasen Markovski Ph.D. student Project: BRICKS: Transmission Control Protocols for the Internet
Michiel van Osch Ph.D. student Project: Model-Based Testing of Hybrid Systems (TANGRAM)
Paul van Tilburg Ph.D. student Project: Models of Computation: Automata and Processes (MoCAP)


Security is a relatively new and broad topic in computer science of growing societal importance and industrial interest. Within the Formal Methods group we focus on the following subjects:

Francine Dechesne Post-Doc Project: VEMPS
Simona Orzan Post-doc Project: VEMPS
Hugo Jonker Ph.D. Student Project: BRICKS

Assertional Methods

under construction

Ruurd Kuiper Lecturer  
Ronald Middelkoop Ph.D. Student Project: Integrated construction and verification of Object-oriented programs