Departmental Council Mathematics & Computer Science

Welcome to the website of the Department Council of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science!

Current council members (2016)

Staff members in the Department Council:
1 Kees Huizing

2 Andrea Fuster

I am assistant professor at the Mathematical Image Analysis group within CASA. I think it's important to be aware of the current and future developments within the department, and to participate as much as possible in the decision-making process. I aim at conveying both the concerns and feedback of staff at our department. Furthermore I would like to improve communication within our department, and encourage more inter-departmental communication.
3 Fiona Sloothaak

As a PhD student and an IAM student coach, I have a great position to observe the direct impact of decisions on both the staff and the students. In the faculty council, I would like to address possible concerns or needs from the department and aim for more transparency between the decision-making level and practice. I look forward to working in a team and come up with creative solutions together in order to improve the faculty.
4 Thom Castermans

As a PhD student I am in the middle of the department, hearing wishes, complaints and compliments from many sides. My goal is to both convey this in the department board as well as communicate departmental decisions to the community. It is in my opinion important that the PhD students, forming a sizeable part of the department, are represented in the department council.
5 Harold Weffers

Student members in the Department Council:
1 Tim Meeles
M Industrial and Applied Mathematics

As a first year master student in Mathematics, I can be very critical on the educational changes in the Graduate School. Last year I started in the Department Council and I have paid special attention to internationalisation. I would love to be able to express your opion for another year and continue making sure that we can have a great time studying here!
2 Bor de Kock
M Information Security Technology

I am a former member of the departmental council, as I was in it in 2013 and 2014; apart from that I was in the university council and on the GEWIS board. Our department is changing constantly: we now have a new dean, and several new programs are coming up, especially concerning data science. As a master's student I want to make sure that those new programs are of the same quality we're used to, and that we do not forget the students following the current programs either.
3 Rik Schepens
B Applied Mathematics

With my experiences in the education-committee, the bar-committee and the organisation of the LIMO, my vision of the student-life is clear. Learn, enjoy and excel! That is what I will stand for in the faculty council.
4 Emma van de Vreugde
B Software Science

I think it is important that students have participation in an organization as the department council. Now in my fourth year of studying Software Science, being in the board of GEWIS, and after being in the council for one year now, I would like to be re-elected for the department council. I am critical and I am not afraid of expressing my criticism in order to improve the department.
5 Marcin van de Ven
B Software Science

For students it's also important to improve the education at the university. By participating in the faculty council I want to improve the way we are studying here. I love investigating in the way organizations work and provide feedback on that to improve things. This means that I'm not afraid of giving criticism and asking questions. I would love to join the faculty council to improve education.