FSA Colloquium

The colloquium takes place every week on Thursdays at lunch time (12.45 - 13.30). The emphasis is on ongoing and/or unfinished work, so as to attract possible collaborators and receive comments which could boost the quality of research.

The colloquium is intended as an opportunity for the members of our group to meet and discuss their current research. We therefore strongly encourage everyone to contribute with a presentation once in a while.

Even though the focus is primarily on the topics related to the research that takes place in the FSA section, everyone interested in the talks is most welcome to join, especially our fellow MDSE colleagues.

If you wish give a presentation, please contact Fei Yang (f.yang 'at' tue.nl).

Next talk:

17.05.2018 (time: 12:45, room MF 3.141)

Bas LuttikŁş"Modelling and Analysing ERTMS Hybrid Level 3 with the mCRL2 toolset"

Abstract: ERTMS Hybrid Level 3 is a recent proposal for a train control system specification that serves to increase the capacity of the railway network by allowing multiple trains on a single track section. We have formally modelled and analysed the principles of ERTMS Hybrid Level 3 in mCRL2. Our analysis has resulted in suggestions for improvement of the principles that will be taken into account in the next version of the specification. In this talk IĄŻll introduce ERTMS Hybrid Level 3, IĄŻll discuss how we have obtained an mCRL2 model (or actually several mCRL2 models) for it, and IĄŻll report on and explain some of the results of our analysis. (Based on joint work with Maarten Bartholomeus and Tim Willemse.)

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