AIST 2017 Special track on the analysis of event data

This year AIST 2017 conference is offering a special track on the analysis of event data.

AIST is a growing conference for young researchers focused on all kinds of data analysis. The conference allows specialists present their work and discuss both theoretical and practical aspects of data analysis problems.

Call for papers (Track 6. Analysis of dynamic behavior through event data)

An analysis of big data, containing dynamic processes of systems’ executions and collaborations in a form of event logs, is a challenging research direction also known as process mining or business process intelligence. Techniques for constructing process models from event logs, finding log and model deviations, and enhancing pre-existing process models with additional information extracted from logs can significantly assist in understanding systems’ behavior. Papers presenting original process mining approaches as well as case studies in discovering and analyzing processes using event data are sought.

The scope of the section includes but not limited to the following topics:


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