IEEE CIS Task Force on Process Mining

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Scientific Research Community (SRC) on Process Mining

A scientific research community on process mining has been initiated.

This community connects scientific researchers in the field of process mining. Supported by the Flemish (Belgium) research foundation, this community interchanges research ideas and aspires synergetic research collaborations all over the world. The focus of our research efforts is to close the gap between scientific research on process mining techniques on one hand and the usability of these techniques on the other hand. More specifically, we will address three challenges:

  1. Improving usability and understandability for non-experts
  2. Understanding and reducing the representational bias in process discovery
  3. Improving the metrics to measure the quality of process discovery algorithms

Blog on Process Mining

The Process Mining team in Hasselt University created a blog on process mining that will serve as a “meta blog”. It will link to existing blogs like,, etc. to ensure a broad coverage.

Call for Papers - BPM 2018 Industry Program

Call for Papers - BPM 2018 Industry Program

As part of the BPM 2018 Conference
Sydney, Australia. September 9-14, 2018

The goal of this program is to provide a forum for networking and exchange of ideas, problems, best practices and solutions related to BPM technology and applications. The target audience includes Process Excellence leaders, Global Process Owners, Transformation leaders and industry researchers.

Examples of topics to be discussed in the industry program include:

  • How to establish BPM as a discipline
  • Building a process-managed organization
  • How to leverage BPM for large projects
  • Process improvement techniques
  • Building the business case for BPM
  • Technical trends in BPM (such as Robotic Process Automation, Process Mining, and many more)

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Call for Doctoral Consortium @ BPM 2018

PhD students working in the area of Business Process Management (BPM) are invited to submit their proposals for participation in a Doctoral Consortium, which will be held on Sunday, 9 September, 2018, in conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2018) in Sydney, Australia (

The Doctoral Consortium has the following objectives:

  • To provide valuable feedback on students’ research methods and plans
  • To provide helpful guidance on students’ research directions and topics
  • To promote the development of a community of scholars that will help students in their future careers
  • To provide students with opportunities to meet and interact with experienced researchers in the area of business process management The PhD candidates of the accepted proposals are expected to present their research at the Doctoral Consortium. We welcome submissions representing a broad spectrum of research topics related to BPM.

Participants will benefit from the advice of senior researchers in the field and from the interaction with peers being at a similar stage of their careers.

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XES software communication and software telemetry extensions approved

On November 20, 2017, the XES WG has approved the XES software communication and software telemetry extensions. These extensions are now considered to be standard XES extensions.