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Voting is done for the XES Standards Proposal

On March 18th, the ballot for the current XES Standard Proposal was closed. Response rate is 95%, there is one abstention, and the approval rate is 100%.

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Voting thresholds are reached for the XES Standard Proposal

On March 4th, the response rate was 77%, and the approval rate 100%. This means that in the end both will be above 75%, which means that both thresholds will be reached.

Time to vote for the XES Standard Proposal

As per February 12, 2016, the balloting group was closed. As per February 16, 2016, the ballot has opened. As a result, the members of the balloting group can now cast their vote on the current XES Standard Proposal. The ballot will close as per March 17, 2016.

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XES micro extension approved

On January 17, 2016, the XES WG has approved the XES micro extension. This extension is now considered to be one of the standard XES extension.

XES Standardization Proposal submitted for Mandatory Editorial Coordination

On December 1st, revision 10 of the XES Standards Proposal was approved by the IEEE XES WG. This revison was updated into revision 11 (the month in the header was updated), which has been submitted on December 2nd for Mandatory Editorial Coordination (MEC).

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Time to join the balloting group for the XES standard

We are completing the standardisation process for XES (IEEE 1849), the second standard sponsored by IEEE CIS. At this time, it is necessary that people from our community vote about the approval of this standard. As a consequence, I would like to ask you if you are interested in acting as voter.

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First round for XES micro extension proposal

On October 26, 2015, the first round for the XES micro extension proposal has started. The planning for this proposal is as follows:

October 26 - November 8 First round for comments
November 9 - November 22 Second round for comments
November 23 - December 6 Round for approval

If approved, the micro extension will be added to the then-current XES Standard Proposal, which will then be send to the IEEE CIS for ballot.

Second internal round in the XES standardization process

A second internal draft for the XES Standard Proposal is ready. In October, there will be the last internal round for comments on this proposal. In November, there will be an internal round for approval of the Proposal. The resulting internal Proposal will then be promoted to the first external Proposal, which will be submitted to the IEEE CIS in December.

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Best Process Mining Dissertation Award for Jorge Munoz-Gama

The Best Process Mining Dissertation Award is a yearly award conferred by the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining to the author of an outstanding PhD thesis on business process intelligence. The winner of the second edition was announced during the task force's meeting. The award won by Jorge Munoz-Gama for this PhD thesis entitled “Conformance Checking and Diagnosis in Process Mining”. The award was handed out by Marcello La Rosa. Jorge also gave a presentation summarizing his work. He received 1000 euro and will be invited to publish a book based on his thesis by Springer.

BPIC’15 Award for Ube van der Ham

The Fifth International Business Process Intelligence Challenge (BPIC’15) was won by Ube van der Ham of Meijer & Van der Ham Management Consultants. This year’s data was provided by five Dutch municipalities over a period of approximately four years. Participants are invited to analyze these data using whatever techniques available, focusing on one or more of the process owner's questions or proving other unique insights into the process captured in the event log.