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XES Working Group

To develop the XES Standard, and to get this Standard approved as an IEEE Standard, the XES Working Group has been established.


September 22, 2016

Version D03 of the XES Standard Proposal has been approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board


NEW P1849 (CIS/SC) IEEE Draft Standard for XES - eXtensible Event Stream - For Achieving Interoperability in Event Logs and Event Streams

was approved as a new standard by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 22 September 2016. A copy of the document will be forwarded to the Standards Publications Department. The editor assigned to work on the project will contact the XES WG.

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Aalst, Wil van der (Chair) Bose, J. C. Carmona, Josep Dumas, Marlon
Geffen, Frank van Goel, Sukriti Günther, Christian (Vice-chair) Guzzo, Antonella
Khalaf, Rania Kuhn, Rudolf Lehto, Teemu Mannhardt, Felix
Montali, Marco Muehlen, Michael zur Paszkiewicz, Zbigniew Reijers, Hajo
Rinke, Alexander Rosik, Michal Rozinat, Anne Soffer, Pnina
Song, Minseok Swenson, Keith Vanherle, Walter Verbeek, Eric (Secretary)
Wen, Lijie Wynn, Moe


XES software event extension, version 5.2

This is the version that started the first round for comments, and supersedes the XES software extension, version 3.0, of November 7, 2016.

July 20, 2017 Download (PDF, 252 KB)

XES Certification proposal, version 2.0

This version has been approved by the XES WG.

July 19, 2017 Download (PDF, 406 KB)

XES software extension, version 3.0

This is the version that started the first round for comments.

November 7, 2016 Download (PDF, 145 KB)

XES Standard Proposal, D03

This is the version of the proposal that resulted from the ballot, and that will (most likely, after a recirculation) be used as input for the RevCom review.

June 27, 2016 Download (PDF, 487 KB)

XES micro extension, final version

January 21, 2016 Download (PDF, 89 KB)

XES Standard Proposal, D02

This is the version of the proposal that resulted from the MEC (Mandatory Editorial Coordination), and that will be used as input for the balloting.

January 5, 2016 Download (PDF, 1,160 KB)

XES Standard Proposal, D01

This is the version of the proposal that was provided as input for the MEC (Mandatory Editorial Coordination).

December 2, 2015 Download (PDF, 1,413 KB)

XES micro extension, first draft

October 26, 2015 Download (PDF, 27 KB)

XES Standard Proposal, second internal draft

October 2, 2015 Download (PDF, 471 KB)

XES presentation at the Task Force meeting at BPM 2015 in Innsbruck

August 31, 2015 Download (PDF, 140 KB) Visit the minutes

Working Group Policies and Procedures

August 11, 2015 Download (PDF, 129 KB)
This document still needs to be approved by the IEEE CIS Standards Committee (CIS/SC)

XES Standard Proposal, first internal draft

August 6, 2015 Download (PDF, 463 KB)

XES Standard Proposal, approved Project Approval Request (PAR)

March 26, 2015 Download (PDF, from the IEEE-SA site)

XES Webinar

June 20, 2014 Download (PPTX, 31,228 KB) Download handouts (PDF, 2,046 KB) Watch the video (on Vimeo)